Create Stress-Free Systems and Sales-Boosting Copy
to Get Your Business in Shape for Success

You’ve got the Passion
You’ve got the Drive

You’ve got the Deep-down Desire to
Rock the Ripple Effect

You’ve got the Commitment, the Guts, the Courage to Make This Work
You know you can change lives…

I understand it’s hard for you to trust me when you’ve already been told this… 

  • You'll come out of school and know everything you need to start your business and succeed.
  • You'll have clients excited to work with you the minute they see your website.
  • All you have to do is spread brochures and business cards and it'll all work out.
  • Add these products they'll help your business soar!
  • You need to hire a business coach and then your business will boom.

The truth is before you hire a business coach, launch a program,
or put yourself out there
you NEED to have these foundational systems in place.

What will you do when…

  • A potential client asks to see your website, but you have no authentic words on it?
  • Someone asks you what you offer, and you haven't even priced your programs?
  • You get your first paying client, but you don't know how to send an invoice or setup a payment plan?
  • Someone signs up for your newsletter list, but you don't have emails set or a plan of what you'll send them?
  • You need more clients, but you don't know what to post on social media to lead people to book a session with you?
  • You finally get sessions, but you don't know how to close and sell your offers?
  • You want to host a webinar or do a livestream, but you're shaking and scared frozen?
  • You have all these incredible ideas, but you don't know how to package them so they sell?
  • You've finally made it, you got clients, and maybe even a waitlist - but none of your systems are in place?!

The list is endless, but I guarantee that this program will help you solve every problem.

You just need the step-by-step
know-how to make your business shine, coach.

You know what you want out of your coaching business – you want to help people change their lives, while helping yourself be an entrepreneurial success.

You want to make an impact, stand out in the crowd, make a real difference.

You want to be your own boss, the shaper of your own future, the master of your own destiny.

You want to make success happen, for you, for your clients, and for the world.

Simple, right?

But there’s a snag – you don’t have an authentic offer that will sell out as soon as you launch it. You don’t have all the systems in place to make those sales that bring success.

What’s holding you back?

Do you feel like you’re in over your head, lost in a sea of to-do lists, and utterly overwhelmed with technology and systems?

Do you want a boomin’ online program, but you don’t know how to begin putting one together?

Do you worry that your program won’t stand out, won’t cut the mustard, won’t give your clients what they desperately want and need?

Do you feel stuck between having all the knowledge to help people heal, but not knowing how to put it into words that will sell?

Do you want to be unique, different, special, but worry that clients prefer the same old same old?

Darling, it’s time to quit worrying, time to drop that insecurity and embrace who you are. It’s time to let your flag fly, your star shine, your banner wave, and be the barrier-busting, life-giving, client-motivating force of nature you know you are.

It’s time to stop trying the hard way, and take the road that’s tried and tested – the road that will lead you to success!

golden clip

Why systems? Because having a steady flow of clients on autopilot beats overworking yourself any day of the year.

How do I define true success? Time + Freedom. When you have abundant income you get to choose how you want to spend your time, not your boss lurking over your shoulder.

do what you love to do - business mastermind

Why this sales approach? Because you wear your heart on your sleeve and pretending to be someone you’re NOT will never satisfy you, and will never make the impact you desire to make.

Why join me? Because I’ve poured every ounce of what I’ve learned into this program so you can run a STRESS-FREE business, BOOK CLIENTS, HIT YOUR INCOME GOALS, and LIVE FREE.

Have you ever thought about the secret to success?

I have. I spent a long time thinking about it, working at it and pushing through my own fears and insecurities… and I discovered the secret. It’s all about having a workable, stable system that works every time.

It’s not about shortcuts and cheat-sheets.

It’s not about tricks and twists.

It’s about taking what has been proven to work, adapting it to your own, unique style, and putting it out there.

I worked out that system, and for a long, long time, I made it work for me. Now I’m sharing it, so you can make it work for you.

It’s been tried and tested, proven over and over, and it’s done its job for me. I made myself into a successful business owner with a funnel that just kept flowing, and you can do it, too.

Because of this EXACT system, I’ve been able to…

  • raise my three children, provide for their every need and want, while still having a strong work-life balance
  • multiply my income year after year, all the way to 6-figures by year 5 (which in NY is what every big family needs)
  • take my family on a budget-free vacation to Disney World and give my kids the experience of a lifetime
  • help my husband eliminate one of his two full-time jobs so he can be home more and enjoy life with us
  • help more clients reach their own income goals because I had my stuff together and life in order


But, the BIGGEST truth of all → is this…

If you met me 4 years ago, before these systems, I shared a single bedroom and full size bed with my two children. I ended a 7-year relationship built on suffering from infidelity and lies. I moved home with my parents, gave away my beloved cats to family (I wasn’t allowed to bring them), and took government help for medical and food.

In just 6 short months taking that leap of faith, I had a steady flow of clients and income, fell in love, got married, bought a home, had more children, and NEVER spent another night worrying about how to afford diapers or food. And – it only increased from there. I went from 15k in my first year (while still in school at IIN) to 30k in my second, and from 42k in my third to 70k in my fourth.

Just last year, after B-School, I killed my goals and hit well over 100k. I’m not telling you this to brag, I’m telling you this because it’s POSSIBLE for you too!

Even if you’re…

busy working a 9-5
raising kids on your own
still in school studying your butt off
scared that you can’t do it


I’m making my system available to you in an 8-week intensive program

…designed to give you all the tools you need to turn your kick-ass knowledge into a successful business.


OMG- I cant say enough about Michelle. Her copywriting and strategy services are TOP NOTCH. Michelle has helped me in my two businesses: Health Coaching and Financial Wellness and ROCKED both areas with professional, clear concise content.
Andrea Williams
Financial Fitness Coach

How do you know this is for you?

It’s simple:

  • This is for you if you have a drive and passion to see your business succeed.
  • This is for you if you’re not afraid of committing, working hard and putting in the time and energy to grow your business.
  • This is for you if the thought of success gets you out of bed in the morning and inspires you to make things happen for yourself.
  • This is for you if you want to learn from someone who’s been there, done it and turned the hustle into a successful business.

I can make you two promises:

  • If you commit and do the work, you’re going to enjoy a whole lotta success.
  • If you are willing to do your part, I will make it as easy for you as I can, with straight talk, no nonsense and a program that I know works.

Why this course?

Ok, I know, you’ve probably done at least one course, maybe two or three, and you’re still no closer to finding your success than before. So why should you take a chance on another one? What makes this one so all-fired special?

I know there’s a lot of courses out there, and some of them even have some good advice. But most of them are just generic, rehashed programs that tell you the same thing over and over. They don’t address the unique needs of the online world.

The difference is, I’ve done this. I’m not trying to sell you some generic program. I’m offering you something tailor-made, designed for coaches – something that takes your knowledge and learning and teaches you how to turn it into a thriving coaching business.

I’m going to give you a system that works for YOU.

Want to know why I can offer this course with such confidence?

Because I have been in your shoes. I started out as a health coach with the same passion and drive that you have now, and with the same lack of a system that would bring in sales and give me the success I craved.

But I worked out that system, and I turned it into a successful coaching career, developed that into an even more successful career as an online manager for 6-figure businesses and parlayed all that experience into my own, highly sought-after, 6-figure copywriting business that deals almost exclusively with my tribe – the coaches who are making people healthier, stronger and more in love with their bodies.

Where the course takes you

golden clip

I developed a unique, 8-week course that takes you step by step through everything you need to know to run a successful business as a coach. You learn how to manage your time, how to market yourself effectively, how to create awesome programs – or use ready-made ones to your best advantage.

We cover marketing and selling yourself and your business, handling all the intricacies of being a supported entrepreneur, and making a name for yourself in the coaching industry.

It was such a joy to be supported by Michelle in the cleanses that I have been running. She created a beautiful structure and format for emails that I could add my voice too, but did not have to create everything from scratch. Right from my sales page, to the promo emails, to the support sequence for the cleanse, she provided me total support and confidence in meeting my deadlines, without the stress of overwhelm and having to do it all myself! And she is just a beautiful, reliable and responsible human! Thank you Michelle for all your support. Hugs!
Muneeza Ahmed
Medical Intuitive
  • (8) In-Depth, Digestible Video Trainings with a PDF copy of the slide deck used so you don’t have to focus on note taking, and you can focus more on implementing (Value $1200)
  • (8) Module Strategy Guides on each weekly focus to help you get a head start on the coming week (Value $600)
  • Private Online Community access for accountability, support, and motivation - the group that never closes. (Priceless!)
  • Lifetime access to the course materials, once you purchase, they are yours to download and keep forever. (Priceless!)

Before we even begin, we’ll get started on the right track. Chances are you’ve enrolled in a handful of courses, more than likely didn’t get much out of them, and why? Because you didn’t have the time. So, before we even begin, we’ll start here. We will create room in your day for you to complete this course, strategically work on your business, and even prioritize your work and life balance.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Plan your time more effectively, so you can get everything you need to do, done.
  • Create a schedule that works FOR you, not against you.
  • Build in essential down-time, to revitalize yourself.
  • Manage unexpected crises so they don’t derail your day
  • Make your time your priority, so you don’t get caught up in everyone else’s chaos.

The key to a successful business message is consistency – understanding what you want to achieve, and how it will benefit your potential client. Your business is unique and that’s what makes it sell. Learn how to get a clear, consistent message that works for you out there.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Streamline Your Focus & Clarify Your Goals with my business accelerator exercise.
  • Rise Above The Competition with my 4-step exercise to help you differentiate your business and create a clear elevator speech that you can multi-purpose everywhere.
  • Plan Your Business Based on your personality because every entrepreneur is unique and therefore you need a plan that works with you, not against you.

Your business needs support to thrive, which means you need a plan. If you’ve just come out of an education course, or you’re hitting the ground running with only ideas and no solid plan – then this module will help set you straight.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Choose Business Systems that work for you, your budget, and your learning curve.
  • Create a work schedule that puts your life first and helps you perform better in a stress-less work environment where the key focus is balance.
  • Get Financially Focused and put your money where it matters, quit spending unwisely, and turn your investments into profits.
  • Keep moving towards your goals with my one secret to-do, repeat this and you’ll be set up for success month after month.

The battle of every entrepreneur is choosing a system that works with you and not against you. From email marketing systems to webinar hosting to social media automation – you’ve got your choices cut out for you. Now, it’s decision time, but before we choose what fits your business model best, we’ll dive into and compare so when you make the right choice you’ll feel super comfortable committing. Once you’re on a good solid foundation, it’s time to position yourself for massive scale. That means implementing systems that work smoothly, so you’re not continually re-inventing the wheel at every step.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Organize your tasks and to-do list using a supportive platform that makes it feel good to cross off your to-do list, get productive tasks completed, and do less “busy” work.
  • Choose your email platform using my critical thinking questionnaire so you don’t get sucked into features or popularity. I’ll also give you eight reputable options to help you commit wisely.
  • Always make the best decision for your business when choosing any platform using my considerations worksheet.
  • Build your business using a website platform and hosting company that is easy for you to update and maintain. Even if you want to hire a website manager, you should always be in the “know” of how things run so you can take the reigns if you ever have to. Knowledge is power.
  • Structure your business roles even if you are just a one-woman show right now.
  • Remain financially aware and focused on your income goals so you can strive for success and empower your business.
  • Create a business workflow from appointment scheduling to contracts – and even collect payment and other information at the time of booking!

Here’s where most entrepreneurs struggle. You know you need help to achieve your goals, but how do you find the time to hire and train the right people? Hiring a team doesn’t have to be scary and it doesn’t have to exceed your budget either. Trust me when you hire the right team support your business will grow. Here’s the bottom line: systems are important, and automation makes business management much easier, but unless you’re outsourcing, you’re still working too hard. Don’t let your money fears hold you back from taking this big step toward growth.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Outsource tasks that aren’t easy for you so that you can work on what you do best and leave the rest to someone else with the right supportive skillset.
  • Find the right team member fit using my “litmus” test because if you don’t nail down your compatibility everything will turn into chaos.
  • Find the best contractors for every task you need to outsource with your budget in mind.
  • Effectively train and manage your team—including a solution that will save you hours of time every month.
  • Use “Must-have” documentation every business needs when outsourcing and how to easily create it using a low-cost system I love and trust.

The next three weeks – DIY or delegate!

The best part of this course is this: If you’ve reached a point in your business where you know you need to outsource, you’ve even got a task list ready to go, but you don’t have a supportive team member to help you complete that list – give them access to the next modules so you can focus on what you do best. Leave the training to me!

Your copy will fall flat if it misses one vital ingredient—the connection.  Learn the skills of authentic copywriting and create compelling sales messages that inspire high-paying clients to hire you on the spot.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Write from the heart to create a connection that sells
  • Master your call to action—with a firm understanding of these simple principles, you’ll move full speed ahead to better conversions.
  • Effortlessly monetize your blog posts—because there is more to sales copy than letters and email! It’s all about attracting your tribe!
  • Ensure your content is shared again and again—when you get this one thing right, you’ll never worry about making sales again!
  • Engage your readers with my 3-step strategy—any one of these steps will dramatically improve your conversion rates, no matter what type of content you’re creating.
  • Discover and master your authentic voice—without this essential component, your branding will lack the heart and soul connection you need to sell.

Leverage your business online using strategies that sell. This is where a lot of entrepreneurs get stuck. Either they’re spending far too much time on sites like Facebook and Instagram without seeing any real return, or they simply don’t know what to post, when, and to whom. They don’t have the time and lack the right strategy, so their efforts are fruitless.

Quit getting sucked into non-money-making browsing and news feed addictions so you can upgrade your business on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Leverage your business online and convey an authentic message that gains visibility
  • Manage your social media accounts for maximum efficiency, while still making a great impression. Make the most of your time and build online relationships using social media—because let’s face it, you can’t be everywhere at once.
  • Master the content you post—as well as where to post to be the most effective.
  • Keep up with the rapidly changing platforms of social media using proven social strategies—miss this and you’ll wind up using outdated strategies that no longer work, while your competitors continue to evolve and grow.
  • Find your voice online—there’s more to this than just “being yourself”; it takes strategy, and once you learn both, everything else will fall into place!
  • Map out your sales funnel
  • Use paid traffic through Facebook Ads

Sales is about making sure your potential clients hear your message. It’s about showing them what they need, why they need it, and how you’re gonna give it to them. To get that right, you need a kick-ass sales message that showcases YOU. From online to offline, emails to sales pages, websites to brochures, get your messaging right.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Quickly achieve consistency in your sales and landing pages.
  • Creating landing pages that are super easy to use so you can concentrate on your message.
  • Simplify your landing pages—keep these strategies in mind every time you create a sales or landing page, and you’ll position yourself for better conversions every time.
  • Test every element of your sales message—so you can find out exactly what works and what doesn’t.
  • Avoid sales page failure—it will surprise you, but once you figure this out, you’ll never worry again about making sales.
  • Build trust in your sales copy—this one change can make all the difference in your sales figures.
  • Understand key areas in your copy—pinpoint these, and you’ll be in a position to amplify your message across all your content channels, resulting in far better results!

Imagine having a community that has your back for life:

Private Online Community access for accountability, support, and motivation – the group that never closes.


Michelle is a rare business savvy, copy creation gem. She helped me clarify my copy and bring together my programs in a way that made sense for me and my clients. Michelle's skills at copywriting are truly amazing. My copy for my sales pages, opt-ins and website got a next-level boost from her expertise. She is super knowledgeable in all areas of marketing and had a way of helping me see past my fears and many to-do's to figure out what my next best step was. From the technical pieces to copy to strategy, she's an all in one specialist. It was helpful to have her working by my side for tasks such as launch/content plans, overlooking content, sorting through new ideas, and figuring out the best systems and processes for my business. She was also my biggest cheerleader while working together and after. She was always there to answer any questions or concerns I had responding with much insight and resources that felt right for my business. If you want to take your message and business to the next level, I highly reccommend Michelle's expertise and support.
Lisa Laura
Lisa Laura

One and Done:

Pay in full $299 

Value $4,999+


Pay three installments of $100/month

Value $4,999+




  • Bonus #1: Productivity Hack Strategy Guide Planner - quick and easy ways to increase your productivity right now (Value $75)
  • Bonus #2: Time Management Strategy Guide Planner - no more time-wasting (Value $75)
  • Bonus #3: Private Coaching Strategy Guide Planner - keep your one-on-one clients focused and progressing (Value $75)
  • Bonus #4: Group Coaching Strategy Guide Planner - handling groups, making sure everyone gets what they need to succeed (Value $75)
  • Bonus #5: System Selection Strategy Guide - choose the right system for what you need to achieve (Value $75)
  • Bonus #6: Affiliate Marketing Strategy Guide Planner - learn the right way to fully tap into passive income by sharing everything you love (Value $75)
  • Bonus #7: Outsourcing Strategy Guide Planner: Use this to outsource right now so that you can stay focused, end the busy-no-cash-producing work, and focus on turning your time into income (Value $75)
  • Bonus #8: Sales Funnel Strategy Guide Planner: attract, entice and draw clients in with a sales funnel strategy that works (Value $75)
  • Bonus #9: Technology and Business Flow Resource Guide: Trusted links to tech support videos, to help you set up my most recommended business systems (Value $75)
  • Bonus #10: Copy Library Access: Over THIRTY Written-For-You Letter Templates to help you secure clients, automate your business, manage uncomfortable situations from non-payment to ending a client relationship (Value $1125)
  • THE BIGGEST Bonus #11: Written-For-You Website Template: This bonus is exclusively for health and life coaches. You'll get my fresh, new words to share on your Home Page, Work with me Page, Opt-In Page, Thank you Email, and a strong call-to-action for your Contact Page. Everything is a template that you can customize. Having these templates will help you begin your own copy on the fast track to success. (This does not include design or implementation or customization.) (Value $999)


One and Done:

Pay in full $299 

Value $4,999+


Pay three installments of $100/month

Value $4,999+

praise header

"She is truly a gem in this industry. To be honest, I was nervous about hiring a copywriter in fear that it would be quite difficult to capture my writing style/voice. But let me tell you that Michelle did it seamlessly and went over and beyond my highest expectations. I love the work she has done for me, but most importantly, my clients love it. She truly helped me convey my message to the world in the highest quality possible. She is extraordinary to work with and I would recommend her to anyone who is truly ready to take their business to the next level."
Yuliya Chernykhovskaya
Business Coach for Health & Wellness Entrepreneurs
"It is hard to describe what it is like to work with Michelle. There are not many words that can explain a person who becomes your business partner when she is writing for you. Yes, she becomes your voice. She takes what is in your soul and puts it on paper, in an email, a pitch for a online magazine, a squeeze page or helps to create killer content for your next online success. I have worked with so many copywriters who just gave the typical email sequence but not Michelle. She digs deep. She learns your work. She understands what you need. She is more than a copywriter....yes, she is your business partner in money making crime. Roll with this lady and let her slay your copy like Buffy."
Rachel Feldman
Business Mentor and Detox Specialist
"Confessions of a I-want-to-do-it-all-myself-er... I'd never hired a copywriter before, because I was worried it wouldn't sound like me. I was afraid it wouldn't "work." I thought people would be able to notice I didn't write it. The magical part is -- Michelle has a very special gift. She can jump right into your head and extract everything you have inside out, and beautifully put it into words that sound just like you. I regret not using her sooner. She truly cares about her clients immensely and it shows -- you feel very well taken care of, understood, and highly appreciated. If you want high-converting, soulful words that display your brand, your message and your mission perfectly... look no further. Thank you Michelle, for sharing your gifts!"
Jamie Jones
Content Writer & Wellness Coach
"I adore Michelle! She has done the copy for several of my programs and they always turn out AMAZING! You can tell she takes great pride in her work, she works tirelessly to make sure you have exactly what you want. The end result – totally heart-centered and it sounded like me! She is always incredibly sweet so working with her is enjoyable. A huge plus! Thanks Michelle!"
Crystal Gordon
Health Coach
"Working with Michelle is a breath of fresh air. We’ve worked together under a team and her ability to stay focused and positive on high-pressured projects including meeting deadlines was exceptional. I believe that is one aspect of her success. Partnering with her in providing professionally-written website copy for our clients was the best decision I’ve made this year. She can craft the right words for any type of website, but her expertise in health and wellness as well as coaching abilities makes her stand out more. She won’t let you down because she’s determined for you to succeed and truly care about your business."
Chie Carroll
Web Producer/Wordpress Guru
"Michelle is INCREDIBLE at what she does! She was able to give words to my thoughts in a way that not only attracts my ideal clients but CONVERTS as well. Since working together, I have seen my lowest cost per conversion on my Facebook ads and am still watching sales come in from my online course! She's the secret weapon to any business that is looking to stand out in their industry!"
Jessica Rodriguez
"The thought of being able to find someone who could really understand me and my message and be able to connect all of those dots for a full website, made me cringe. This was my first website and I wanted to be sure whoever I worked with would truly capture the essence of me and the transformation that I create with women. I am a very heart & soul-centered coach, so it was imperative that Michelle would hold the capacity to understand this space I live in as well as connect that to the rest of the world appropriately. As we all know, the internet is very busy and I did not want to come across as inauthentic nor did I want my message to be lost. Michelle's intake process was very comprehensive and I appreciated her willingness to hop on the phone with me at any time. Sometimes, what I was trying to convey did not come through via email and she was always willing to have a voice to voice conversation in order to be sure she was clear. I never felt that I was "bothering" her or that I was just another client. There would be moments that I just couldn't find the words, but Michelle was right there to guide me and offer support and guidance to help me articulate the perfect message. It made me feel like I was her only client, but I know in reality that was not the case. As I continue to evolve, Michelle will always be a part of my extended team. She is very talented with words and there is no limit to the audiences she will reach. I am more than blessed to be on the receiving end of her amazing gifts!"
Alycia Huston
Mindset & Business Alchemist
"I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when I hired Michelle to help me with some copy I was having a hard time finishing. I mean, I knew she would turn my words into “magic” but I wasn’t sure how the experience would feel — would I feel inauthentic having someone else write my words? Would I have to rewrite whatever she sent so it sounded more like me and not someone else? Well, after the first item she sent to me, I KNEW I’d made the right choice but the best was yet to come. During one of our first conversations, she not only helped me with my copy, she began helping me plan my launch! She created a calendar for me and helped me plan out what days I needed to send an email, post a blog, etc. It’s been a few months of working with Michelle and I would rank hiring her as one of the best business decisions I’ve made. She meets her deadlines, responds to emails timely, is wayyyyy more than just a copywriter and she’s also a fabulous Mom and a great HUMAN BEING. Believe me, if you’re stuck writing copy or just want a second pair of eyes to review what you have and provide helpful tweaks, Michelle is your lady! Also, she doesn’t just write Sales Page copy — she’s helped me with copy for my Facebook Ads, emails to Sponsors for free product samples for my clients, promotional emails and blogs, tweaked all of the pages on my website, etc. Definitely one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made – not a single moment of regret!"
testimonials chinyere
Chinyere Williams
Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach
"Michelle’s mastery of words and emotion, and inspiring copy made my website come alive. She was able to beautifully articulate the Healthy, Gorgeous & Tipsy message while making it read and sound like something that would have come out of my mouth and my pen! She’s a genius and gem to work with and have on your copy writing team."
testimonials - simone
Simone Baldwin
Founder of Healthy, Gorgeous & Tipsy and the creator of Wine Online
"Working with Michelle was the best thing that I could have done. She is amazing, thoughtful & a great listener. She was there when I needed her and she believe in me before I did. Michelle got my business off to a great start!"
testimonials - alycia
Alicia Helton Griffin
Thirty-One Director & Wellness Coach
"Michelle is a wonderful, sweet, extremely patient and knowledgeable, coach and mentor. She helped me in a time of uncertainty and was able to help me see things clear again. Highly recommend her!"
Testimonials - Lauren
Lauren Jean
Podcast Coach


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